2017-10-22 至 2017-10-26结束 苏州

Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy(肿瘤免疫学及免疫治疗)


Date:Oct. 22-26, 2017


Xuetao Cao, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China

Vincenzo Cerundolo, University of Oxford, UK

Olivera Finn, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Pramod Srivastava, University of Connecticut, USA

Major topics:

1. Defining tumor antigens and immunogenicity

2. Immune checkpoint blockade and antibody therapy

3. Adoptive T cell therapy

4. Vaccine-based immunotherapy

5. Gut microbiota, immunity and cancer

6. Inflammation, tumor microenvironment and immune escape

7. New approach to cancer immunotherapy

Keynote Speakers:

Robert Schreiber, Washington University, School of Medicine, USA

Laurence Zitvogel, Institut Gustave Roussy(IGR), FRANCE

Invited Speakers:

Jay Berzofsky, National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA

Abstract title: Cancer

vaccines and immunotherapy: translation from mice to human clinical trials

Renier Brentjens, Memorial

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Xuetao Cao, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, CHINA

Vincenzo Cerundolo, University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM

Abstract title: Amino acid

degrading enzymes and their role in tumour immune escape mechanisms

Adelheid Cerwenka, German

Cancer Research Center, GERMANY

Phillip Darcy, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, AUSTRALIA

Olivera Finn, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA

Yang-Xin Fu, UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Abstract title: Targeting

tumor cells to trigger immunity

Dmitry Gabrilovich, The Wistar Institute, USA

Guido Kroemer, Institute Gustav Roussy, FRANCE

Alberto Mantovani, Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, ITALY

Abstract title: The

yin-yang of innate immunity, inflammation and cancer

Augusto Ochoa, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center,


Pamela Ohashi, Princess Margaret Hospital, CANADA

Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, University of Maryland, USA

Abstract title:

Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC): Their ying and yang effects in

tumor-bearing obese mice

Bruce Robinson, The University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

Abstract title: Augmenting

and broadening T-cell responses against mutated tumor neo-antigens

Pramod Srivastava, University of Connecticut Health School of Medicine,


Zhigang Tian, University of Science & Technology of China,


Abstract title: TIGIT

blockade prevents NK cell exhaustion and elicits potent anti-tumor immunity

Dario Vignali, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Weiping Zou, University of Michigan Medical School, USA